Role Change / Transitions Coaching

Role Change / Transitions Coaching

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Are you clear about what’s different about your next role and what the key challenges will be?

If you were clear about what’s needed in your next role, could you nail it?

In our increasingly complex world all roles are not created equal and do not demand the same thing.

How long did it take for you to get up to speed in your last role change?
Do you know the fewest things that make the biggest difference in your role?

Take a few minutes to complete a simple but revealing exercise.

Take an A4 sheet of paper and split it vertically into two halves. On the left hand side jot down how you spent your time at work last week, with activities and % of time.

On the right hand side, write down what’s the point of your role. Not your job description, but the point of role – why does it exist? How does it add value?
Do the two sides match? Call Outstand.


We help individuals see their situations in fresh and more revealing ways to identify problems on the horizon they didn’t know they had.

People use us because they are forward thinking and recognise the value in taking the initiative to spot problems and opportunities ahead of time.

We help them feel prepared and composed in a fast paced world where moving into a bigger role creates new demands.

We work as an unbiased business partner with organisations, providing an outside view and fresh perspective on leadership career transitions.

Clear steps to results

Fast, business focused results.

Four sessions to make change happen.
Step 1: Pick the Right Goal

The research step. If we’re going to spend time and energy creating change, let’s make sure it’s on something that will make a real difference. Based on pareto’s principle we map out the goal that will make the biggest difference to you and the business.

This involves a personality diagnostic, and gathering feedback from your direct reports, peers and senior stakeholders on your strengths and the key area of improvement what would make a difference for them.

Step 2: Map your ‘Resilience to Change’

Now we know what to focus on, we diagnose what barriers will get in your way, both in yourself and the organisation.

We’ll also map out the strengths that will guide you through and the resources you can use to help you on your journey.

Step 3: Practice

After you have had time to practice your new approach, a performance coaching session to reinforce what’s working well and tweak your approach.

Step 4: Embed

Moving from conscious to unconscious competence. Building strategies together to make the new way of working stick.

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I’ll help you start the right way with a customized plan to get your business moving forward.

Paula Broadbent
Founder & Managing Director