Managing Maternity

Managing Maternity

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Maternity Development Programme for Mothers

3 Steps: Understand, Withstand and Oustand. A range of modules which can be run in a group or face to face in 1-1 coaching setting.

Its important these are balanced with our programme for Line Managers. Success here is about both sides understanding and adapting their approach to meet changing circumstances. 


Top tips for how to thrive before, during and after maternity leave.


Thriving in the changing circumstance of returning to work. Resilience training, focused on facing into the challenge of returning to work.


This programme takes things to the next level. How to harness the changes in your life to be a boost for your self development and leadership abilities. How to see and harness this in yourself, how to position yourself to make the most of these changes and allow the business to see what extra you can bring with your new perspective. Making the most of the amazing life experience having a baby brings.

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