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Leadership coaching

It takes a fresh perspective to become fully effective, we offer general leadership coaching as well as specializing in the areas outlined below.

We are members of the Association for Coaching.


Are you clear about what’s different about your next role and what the key challenges will be?

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Becoming a mother can be one of the most enriching transitions in a woman’s life. It can also be a test for Line Managers, but handled well it can bring great benefits to organisations.

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To Withstand in times of change, we sometimes need a little help to focus.

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Leadership Development


To Withstand in times of change, we sometimes need a little help to focus. To concentrate on the fewest things that make the biggest difference.

Building awareness of our thinking patterns and stressors can help leaders to manage their own and their team’s resilience.

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Real leadership adjusts to the situation. So should leadership development. Our process brings theory to real work, unpicking current problems and reaching for opportunities. Embedded, actionable development. A flexible approach for intact teams or mixed cohorts. Easily tracked return on investment. Ditch the traditional approach. Bring the classroom and day job together.

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It costs a fortune in recruitment, training costs and lost productivity when maternity transitions are handled poorly.  Research shows women were more likely to leave their employer due to negative or possibly discriminatory experiences when they returned to work, rather than when pregnant, or on maternity leave. We help women and their organisations to bypass pitfalls and make it work.

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Outstand helps people and organisations to be more effective.

A key component of our approach is Leadership assessment and development, which is particularly relevant for your needs.

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